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Forget Superman – only Justin Bieber can save us now!

While the Euro hurtles towards collapse, there is hope for the world, in the form of … Justin Bieber.

The Telegraph’s Debt Crisis Blog reveals

“Analysts are getting good vibes from the packed-out stores in the States – particularly vendors of Justin Bieber apparel and Twilight merchandise.”

Who could have forseen such a day!

Add comment November 25th, 2011

World War III

I’ve heard political and economic commentators say that this global economic depression could lead to another World War, just as the previous depression did. Who would be the powers in such a scenario – China, the USA, Europe? Only if they have any funds left to rage a costly war!

Recently, I started to think that we might have it all wrong. The third World War may already have begun.

Unlike the last World War, it won’t be a war between nation states. It is a war within states. A global civil war. It may be a war unlike any we have seen before. All facilitated by modern social networks. Civilians rebelling against the stringencies and austerity imposed on them by their governments.

“The Arab Spring” in the middle-east. Civil unrest in Greece. London riots today. Where next?

Add comment August 9th, 2011

The writing exercise for today is …

… rephrase, in plain english, the following classic piece of Donald Rumsfeld obfuscation under press questioning:

“Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

Here’s my attempt:

“I don’t want to answer your question.”

Add comment November 7th, 2008

Michael Crichton Dies

On the heels of my previous buoyant blog post came the sad news that Michael Crichton has died, at a mere 66 years of age. He was one of my influences; he pioneered the acceptability of science-fiction concepts in mainstream publishing and launched many other visionary projects. Very sad.

God’s speed, Michael.

2 comments November 5th, 2008

Barack to the future!

‘Scuse the dodgy pun, but the news headlines are so full of them today I feel entitled to let my own authorial standards slip a notch. And why not? It’s symptomatic of the relaxed relief that buoys the air today following the election of Barack Obama as American President. The interweb and bloggersphere is awash with euphoria and congratulations, so I might as well pitch in my oar.

And sure, I hear he’s Irish anyway 🙂

The big excitment stateside seems to stem from the fact that he is the first black President. To someone like me, from the other side of the pond, his colour or race was never an issue. But the outpouring from the African-American community last night reminds me how much of a big issue race is over in the States. When I heard the black vox-pop on the news saying things like “we’ve taken over the White House”, and “we’re running this show now,” it only proves how frighteningly close to the surface racial tensions simmer. I can understand why Obama distanced himself from using the black ticket in his campaign, choosing instead to colour his campaign in a more ameloriating and unifying mixed-race hue (oops, there goes the pun again).

But I am glad for the African-American community today. They have had a brutal history and deserve their day in the sun and the glory of a President who reflects their heritage. I wish them all the best that it brings.

For me, the joy and relief I feel is nothing to do with the colour of the man’s skin. Part of me didn’t really care whether Obama or McCain won. Either victor could have heralded a new era free from the reign of the awful George W. Bush/Dick Cheney. What pleases me about the result is that the Republicans have been ousted. Even if McCain had won it, I would have had this niggling fear that — despite his experience — the old Republication Bush machinery might still have been running somewhere, influencing the new inhabitant of 1600 Pennsyvania Avenue.

That the Republicans could have forwarded George W. Bush as a candidate in 2000 forever diminished them in my view. I was amazed, and disappointed, at the American people for voting him in, and there has always been a question mark over his legitimacy as President since that fateful day in Florida in 2000. What amazed and disappointed me even more and what I will never understand is why dubya was voted in for a second term. I’m sure fear played a big part in it, but I lost some esteem for American citizens that day in 2004 when they didn’t display the courage to kick that disasterous administration out of the White House. The financial catastrophe of the last few months mightn’t have been so bad for them, and for all of us, if they could have shown yesterday’s courage earlier, back in 2004.

The redemptive vote they took yesterday might just wipe out that mistake — although Obama will have his work cut out for him. (Thanks W.)

Let’s hope the Democrats, under Barack Obama, can re-build America and even re-invigorate the world. Hope is a wonderful thing.

Barack to the future!

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