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My back is repairing itself, slowly, but steadily. It required a little help from me too. And a trip to a neurosurgeon. There’s nothing like resorting to a surgeon to copperfasten your resolve to heal thyself. I opted not to have the operation – there are always risks – so I focussed instead on core strengthening and stretching. I’ll say no more about in my blog because I don’t want to bore anyone with it and because it’s not of much relevance now anyway – I’m back in action – and it will continue to improve slowly and surely over the next months as I make it stronger. The last words I’ll say about it are these: if ever you rupture a disc, just know that with time and the appropraite physical treaments the pain does subside, and it will heal, but it could take a long time – over a year in my case. In the end, the choice is always yours – the patient’s. Get advice from many people and medical professionals. Just be as well informed as you can. You have to do the right things for it and you have to be patient – not unlike a writing career. Which brings me to my main point.

I’ve started to heal my ailing novel also. The revisions and rejections meant I’d lost passion for it, and it’s impossible, in good conscience, to undertake another revision without passion. Otherwise, I would ruin it. After reflecting during this time of reparation, and thinking about how the novel would change, I find I’m no longer afraid to make the changes that a couple of months ago would have seemed harsh. Sometimes surgery is the most appropriate course of action for a patient, as drastic as the incisions may seem. Time to relieve its painful patches too, and roll it out to the world, fitter, leaner … and stronger than ever.

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Publishers’/Booksellers’ own-brand eReaders coming to iPad?

I just caught this Barnes and Noble job posting.

“Will be a primary developer of an iPhone eReading application …
May be invited to contribute to Android, Windows Mobile and other projects, time permitting”

Interesting that even the promoters of the Nook are hedging their bets on eReading platforms. They can’t afford to ignore the ubiquity of the iPhone. It’s also interesting because iPhone eReading apps port very easily to the iPad. And with a built-in link to the Barnes and Noble eBook store … that would put it in competition with iBooks and the Apple iPad Book Store, wouldn’t it?
B&N do know that the only way an app can get onto the iPhone/iPad is with Apple’s approval, don’t they?

Interesting times in publishing!

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